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Most people still go to hotels as the first option for their place to sleep during vacation. Hotels are great, just remember that there are other ways and other experiences:
  • Holiday villages – have your own house in nature, especially if you live in the city, to have new experiences. Not only that, some parks offer everything you can imagine for a perfect family vacation, including entertainment, food, activities, and much more. My family and I love these villages and tried several in Europe and the US. It’s just pure relaxing fun.
  • Cruise – this is another type of lodging and a completely different type of trip experience. The new cruise boats have everything you can imagine on them so you can enjoy great entertainment for the entire family, amazing food, shopping, and much more—all that while traveling to different locations.
  • Home exchange – you can either rent homes on sites such as Airbnb or even exchange your home with other families.
  • RV – RVs and Trailers are another option to consider when planning your next trip. It’s a different experience, had its advantages and disadvantages like any other option.
  • Camping – Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and connect with nature. If you’re less experienced with camping, there are organized places where you can rent a ready-to-use, equipped tent.

Final Thoughts

Try to experience new ways of traveling but remember to choose those that your family likes.

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