What is Trip Planner tool?

The Trip Planner tool is the main reason I’m started working on this website.

I was frustrated that whenever I wanted to go on vacation with my wife or family, I didn’t know where can we go. When we plan a trip, we all have different expectations (nature, shopping…), limitations (specific date, budget, accessibility…), preferred trip characteristics (city, relaxation, museums, kids attractions, etc.), and other factors. Each one has its own set of considerations.

The Trip Planner tool build to solve this issues. It’s a search and filtering engine for travel guides. Using a set of filters, you can choose what matters to you and get a list of the perfect trips, tours, activities, and point of interest that match your exact needs.

Ready to have fun?

what are you waiting for? Let’s find your next vacation right now.

Trip Planner Tool

Make your next trip smoother:​

  • Save hours of searching and listing.
  • No stress with a comprehensive list for your next vacation.
  • It's completely free!
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