Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

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Venice, one of the top tourist destinations of Italy, is the capital of the Veneto region and is located in North East of Italy. This beautiful city is well known for its architecture, canals, and art.
If you’re planning to visit this beautiful floating city, read our guide to prepare for the dos and don’ts and enjoy your trip.



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Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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Venice has a very low crime rate, but you should be careful against pickpockets and thefts in touristy areas. Especially if you are a solo traveler, make sure to avoid shady areas where there are no tourists.

Additional Information

Venice city center covers around 1,800 acres and is a combination of 118 small islands linked together with over 400 footbridges. The best part is that you are on another island every time you cross a canal.

Venice, also known as Venezia, was founded in 421 A.D. and became a part of the Italian Kingdom in 1866. This city is surrounded by water and was once the most significant seaport in late medieval Europe. The S-shaped Grand Canal is 3.8km in length, runs between the two islands of Venice, and divides the city in two. Due to its unique artistic heritage, great cultural traditions, and incredible natural landscapes, “Venice and its Lagoon” have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

With a population of 639,000, the “City of Water” was ranked the most charming city in 2016. Around 20 million tourists visit Venice yearly to see the lovely bridges and canals.

Reasons to Visit

The exceptional Venice city has something for everyone! From mesmerizing views to delicious food, there are countless things to do on your visit to this Floating City. Check out the below list to see some of the reasons why everyone should visit Venice.

  1. Exceptional Views: Venice is one of the most spectacular cities for a reason. Apart from beautiful canals and historical places, the houses and streets are gorgeous. On your visit to Venice, you should definitely visit the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, and Saint Mark’s Basilica to have the time of your life. Wherever you look, you will find picturesque views everywhere.
  2. Gondola Rides: One of the best parts about Venice is that you can ride a gondola. You will find many tourists doing gondola rides because you get to experience the charming views from the water. You can find gondolas in the whole city. Whether on a solo trip or with your friends, riding in one of these narrow, long boats is a memory you’ll never forget. You can also ask your gondolier to sing a song or two; you will love it.
  3. Venetian Cuisine: Venice has a very long history of cuisines. The dishes are different from the other Italian places, which is a unique feature of this city. You’ll love the seafood and the spices from the east. For sweet lovers, don’t forget to enjoy the famous “Tiramisu.” You will find many luxurious restaurants and cafes in Venice, so you can choose according to your budget. Some restaurants also offer a fantastic view with excellent Italian wine; make sure to check them out too.
  4. Filled With History: If you love history, get ready to lose yourself in the streets of Venice! Wherever you look, you will see historical palaces and cathedrals. There are many amazing places, including Teatro La Fenice, Bridge of Sights, and Rialto Bridge.
  5. Car-Free Area: One of the unique features of Venice is that it’s car-free! You will not find any cars in this entire city; the only modes of transport are waterbus and water taxis. As there are no cars, the city is highly peaceful. However, the best way to roam around the city is on foot; you can reach places quickly and soak all the beautiful colors of the city.
  6.  Amazing Events: Venice is famous for its unique events. Remember to attend the fantastic events to take your tour to the next level. For example, if you go there during the Venice Carnival, you will find colorful parades and lovely costumes everywhere. Most locals and tourists participate in this event and wear masks; it’s a unique experience in Venice.


Things To Avoid

There are some common mistakes that you should avoid to make the most out of your trip and save yourself from frustrations.

  1. Swim in The Canals: It doesn’t matter how tempting the water looks; don’t make the mistake of swimming in the canals! As canals are like roads, passengers and private boats are going o