Do you own a boutique hotel, B&B, or other unique accommodation? Are you looking to grow your audience? Traveling FAQ offers helpful tips, stories, and trip planning tools.

Join Our Partnership Program

We invite you to list your business with us. Your business will be listed on specific pages, with information on attractions and tours near your business. This will give you the following benefits:

  • Expand your marketing and reach a new audience looking to travel right next to you.
  • Get a free page of attractions next to your hotel. Just send your visitors to that page. We’ll take the hassle off your back so you won’t have to maintain such a page on your website.

How can we work together?

We offer two ways to collaborate:

  1. Link Sharing – You will share a link from your website to the TravelingFAQ website.
  2. Monthly Fee – Pay a small monthly fee.

Learn which way is best for you…

Link Sharing

Add a link from your business website to your page on the TravelingFAQ website. The link includes either one of our banners or a simple text line saying: “Find Things To Do and Plan your perfect trip.”

Monthly Fee

If you prefer not to share a link back, we offer the following subscription plans:

  • Get listed on 1 – 3 attractions\tours pages – $25/Month
  • Get listed on 4 – 6 attractions\tours pages – $40/Month
  • Get listed on 7 – 10 attractions\tours pages – $60/Month

Lets work together – Fill in this form to join our program

By submitting this form you agree to the Partnerships Terms & Conditions as described below.

Partnerships Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to create a simple Win-Win situation, and therefore, the partnership is very simple and straightforward.

By filling in the form asking to work with us, you agree to the following:

  • First thing, make sure you’re ok with our Privacy Policy  | Terms Of Use.
  • You choose the best path for your needs (Link Sharing or Monthly Fee).
  • You may change the path at any time by emailing me at contact [at] travelingfaq.com. Please note that any change request you’ll send after the 15th of the month will apply to the following month.
  • Each side can cancel the agreement with 30 days’ notice. In case we work on the Monthly Fee Path, payments for the current month will apply.
  • I’ll never list more than five ‘Recommended Places’ on a single page to make sure you’ll get noticed.
  • When you add a link to travelingfaq.com, please follow our guidelines (click here for details).
  • Please give me up to 4 days to review the partnership request application.
  • Traveling FAQ has the right to change prices in the future. We will update you at least 60 days in advance. In case we don’t get any response, prices will be updated. Please note that we will send the updates to the email address on our records. If it’s no longer active, please update us with your current email address. For any change in details, please email me to contact [at] travelingfaq.com.

Guidlines for linking to Traveling FAQ

Location & positioning

The link must be on one of the main pages, not on a hidden page. You can put it anywhere on the page that users will be able to see, without disturbing your site’s main content.


Banner or Text Hyperlink

Choose if you want to use one of our banners (preferred) or use a text hyperlink.

  • Text link – If you choose a textual link, ensure the fonts are similar to your sites’ font size, and never use non or low-contrast colors. Use the following text: “Find Things To Do and Plan your trip”, and link it to https://travelingfaq.com/ or to your dedicated page on the TravelingFAQ website.
  • Banner – If you choose to use one of our banners. please pick any of the banners bellow, download the image and add it to your site. Then add hyperlink to the banner, pointing to https://travelingfaq.com/


Traveling-FAQ partnership program banner (700X100)
700 X 100 Banner
Traveling-FAQ partnership program banner (120X60)
120 X 700 Banner

Make your next trip smoother:​

  • Save hours of searching and listing.
  • No stress with a comprehensive list for your next vacation.
  • It's completely free!
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