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What is Trip Planner tool?

Are you frustrated any time you need to find your next travel destination? Do you still browse unlimited websites to find out where you can go? A place that will fit your and your family’s requirements and limitations?

Stop wasting your time!

That is why I’ve built the Trip Planner tool. It allows you to quickly find ideas for the perfect trip, using a set of filters such as time of year, types of activities, much does it cost, accessibility, and more.

Once you find your next destination, you can find all the information on that place, including tickets, and much more. Click here to find your next trip.

Note that when you’re using the Trip Planner on mobile you’ll find fewer filters, and since there is a lot of data, I do recommend starting planning your trip using a large screen.

Travelers Experiences

On each travel guide you’ll find a section with Travelers Experiences:

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This is where you’ll learn from fellow travelers’ experiences and get tips and recommendations. We encourage you to share your experiences with our traveler’s community so they can have a perfect trip.

Traveling FAQ – Who are we?

My name is Nadav, and I love traveling. Traveling FAQ is my personal project and traveling blog and my way to contribute to travelers worldwide.

The web is full of great content on traveling and fantastic traveling bloggers. Despite all the available information, I’ve decided to build Traveling FAQ since it wasn’t good enough to help me plan my next trip. When I tried to look for my next travel destination, I found it hard to filter between all the results and information according to my needs.

I hope you’ll find our Trip Planner tool and our traveling Tips helpful.

I also added a list of sites and tools I use for planning, and booking any type of travel. The list of recommended travel resources available here.

Found any missing features that will help you find and plan your next trip smoother? Found any wrong or missing information? Please be kind and let me know. I’ll do my best to update the site so all travelers will be able to enjoy it.

Yes, I have links to affiliates and ads on the site, and when you click on some of them, I might earn some revenue. Thank you, and have a great time exploring our wonderful world.

Nadav Levy at the Palace of Versailles
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Make your next trip smoother:​

  • Save hours of searching and listing.
  • No stress with a comprehensive list for your next vacation.
  • It's completely free!
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