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Are you a travel guide, blogger, have an interesting trip experience you would like to share with our readers? You came to the right place. I’m accepting guest posts, as long as they provide value for my visitors and for yourself.

Before you go on, please read this mini-guide to learn what content to write and how to have your travel guest post shared on TravelingFAQ.

Why Write Guest Posts?

TravelingFAQ is a unique travel site. We offer our visitors trip planner tool, travel guides, traveling tips, travel blog, travel gear guide, and much more. Our content reaches tens of thousands of readers each month. If you’re a travel guide, a blogger who’d like to increase its influence, or someone who just got back from an amazing trip and want to share your story, we invite you to share your content. You can share a story, interesting blog post, images, videos, tips, or guides (for a region, city, or specific attraction).

You’ll enjoy:

Guest posts allow you to help other travelers, share stories and experiences, make a name for yourself or your small business, showcase your expertise, and get free PR. You will receive a mention with a link to your website or social network on a popular travelers website.

  • Guest posts allow you to help other travelers by sharing your stories, experience and experties
  • Make a name for yourself (yourself, your blog, your business)
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Get a free PR
  • Free trafit to your website or social network on a popular travelers website
  • Quality backlinks to your website
  • You get to make new connections with other travelers and writers

Guest posting Rules & guidelines

We love your stories and contribution, however, we do have some guidelines and rules that you should be aware of. These guidelines are meant to ensure our visitors enjoy high-quality, relevant information, and to ensure that you’ll benefit from your work.

  • Content:
    • Every submited content must be 100% original content and should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web, including your own blog.
    • No duplicates – when sending Tour or Travel Guides, we can’t publish existing content. Please make sure the content is not already available in our site. If you can add a miningfull content to an existing guide, that’s always welcome.
    • The text should be well structured and divided into sections with subheadings or according to the required fields in case you submit a Travel Guide.
  • Content length:
    • Personal post/story should included minimum of 800 words.
    • Travel Guide you should submit according to our Tour/Travel Guide fields (I’ll provide the details once we’ll start working together).
    • Content must be in the English language. Please make sure your article is proofread for grammatical errors and sentence structure. When you enter measurement (length, weights, distance, etc.), please try to provide both U.S standard and decimal standards.
  • Photos and Videos:
    • Please submit high-quality photos with a minimum width of 800 pixels.
    • The images must be original or Free Stock Photos. If they are original, make sure they are not published on the Internet (now or in the future); if they require usage credits, provide the details with the credit to the author with the appropriate link to usage writes.
    • Try to provide 2-7 images per post.
    • You can also share a video if it’s an original one. Please state in the submitted article where we should place the video or add a hyperlink to the text.
  • You may add a link to your bio and a link to your website or social network page.
  • Use proper blog etiquette. Don’t use offensive, provocative or defamatory content.
  • We reserve the right to alter, revise, or tailor guest post submissions. It includes editing the text, heading, and images to improve grammatical error, SEO, clarity, and consistency, and adding links for different uses, including affiliates links.
  • We may use the information from guest posts for tour guides, itineraries, tips, or other site sections.
  • TravelingFAQ does not provide copyright protection or accept copyright ownership and only retains publishing rights.
  • We reserve the right to deny any post submitted.
  • If you are a company seeking for sponsored partnerships, please email me.

What can you write about?

We offer our visitors a variety of information, including travel guides, travel tips, gear reviews, itineraries, and articles on different subjects and experiences.

As a guest writer, we encourage you to focus on 3 types of posts:

  • Article – pick any subject that interest you, a place you visited and tell other travelers from your experience. It’s essential to combine between personal experience and practical information. It’s always great to add some secret sauce with some engaging tips to make their trip a bit better.
  • Travel guide OR Tour – we differentiate between Travel Guide and Tour. Travel Guide refers to country or region guide. Tour refers to a city, specific location, or attraction (museum, church, zoo, park, etc.).
  • Itinerary – if you have a perfect trip plan or maybe you’re a local travel guide, this is a great way to share with fellow travelers.

For any of these three options, you can pick any destination (country, area, city, island) you have traveled to and any niche you find relevant (flights, hotels, gear, tickets, accessibility, kids, hike, trek, and much more). If you’re not sure if the subject is relevant to our audience, no worries. Contact me and and we can find the best topic together.

If you choose to write as a guest, a good post is informative, covering the primary location or attraction. It can be written as a story or a guide. If you choose to write a story, describe first-person perspective, describing your personal experience from the trip. A Tour Guide would be more structured and require specific data as detailed in the submission form.

These are just some ideas. We know you have many other ideas based on your experiences, and we know that there is no end to creativity, so feel free to contact us with different ideas. It’s all about helping travelers!

How to submit?

I appreciate you want to join us in helping travelers all over the world.

Please send your guest blogging idea by filling out the form or email me at [email protected] and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Make your next trip smoother:​

  • Save hours of searching and listing.
  • No stress with a comprehensive list for your next vacation.
  • It's completely free!
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