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6 line drawing characters Waiting inline
Travel Tips 9

Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

No matter how patient your kids are, waiting in lines is not the fun part of the trip. Your trip wil...

brown carry-on luggage
Travel Tips 10

Weigh your luggage

You may indeed have plenty of things to carry. However, carrying overweight luggage can embarrass yo...

Pack Light
Travel Tips 11

Weight doesn’t count for luggage allowance when it's on you!

Luggage weight doesn't count for allowance when it is on your person or in your hand luggage. When i...

Greek Food in ouzeries restaurant
Travel Tips 12

What are Greek ouzeries

Ouzerie is a greek type of restaurant that specializes in smaller dishes which you eat with ouzo. Mo...

red car
Travel Tips 13

You don’t always have to rent a car

Especially if you’re in a large crowded city and plan to stay there for the entire trip, sometimes i...

A woman on the pier watching the sunset
Travel Tips 14

You should pick one thing to enjoy instead of several

You are on a business trip, and you don’t have time to spend an entire day sightseeing. So, choose o...

Dart in a darts board
Travel Tips 15

Your Business Goals Should Be Realistic

After traveling some considerable amount of time, you will sit down for various meetings and intervi...

airplane seats with viruses
Travel Tips 16

Ziploc Bag on a Flight Can Be a Lifesaver

Next time you're packing your carry-on for a flight, throw a gallon-sized Ziploc bag in th...

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