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Take it Slow
Travel Tips 13

Take it Slow and Leave Plenty of Time

When I’m talking about time, I refer to spare time everywhere: On the way to the airport At the airp...

Netherlands flag - 3 stripes of red, white and blue
Travel Tips 14

The difference between the Netherlands and Holland

So what's the difference between the Netherlands and Holland? There is no country called Holland. Th...

Travel Tips 15

These essentials should not be forgotten

It would be best if you always had some cleansing pads with you. They are specifically handy when yo...

1+1=3 handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard
Travel Tips 16

Things Will Go Wrong Sometimes

Be prepared to deal with your kids when things go wrong. Flights may get delayed, you might arrive a...

sick teddy bear
Travel Tips 17

Travel With Basic Medicines

One of the easiest ways to ruin a day of travel or possibly an entire trip is to have a sick family...

Travel Tips 18

Treat yourself during a potential delay

Delays are not strange for those who travel often. So, you should be prepared for such instances as...

street food
Travel Tips 19

Try the local food

Try to eat something local whenever you feel it is safe. However, trying a totally strange meal befo...

Eco Friendly
Travel Tips 20

Try to be eco-friendly

It is nice if you do not change the sheets daily. Do you change your sheets every day when you are a...

Holiday trip
Travel Tips 21

Try to fly on big holidays such as Christmas Day

Highways, airlines, and all the other modes of traveling are highly crowded during the holidays. How...

Zen stones balanced
Travel Tips 22

Try to manage your stress and balance work

It is always better to choose the flights that allow you to have a good amount of rest when you land...

brown carry-on luggage
Travel Tips 23

Try your best to limit the stuff to your carry-on luggage

For some individuals, this might not be the most practical idea. However, if you can do it, that wou...

Red and blue first aid kits
Travel Tips 24

Use a travel kit

It is better to be prepared for everything when you travel. We cannot predict what our bodies will e...

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