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many toy airplanes from different airlines
Travel Tips 13

Pick The Right Flight For You

The cheapest or most expensive flights aren’t always the best flights. The cheapest one will probabl...

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Travel Tips 14

Pick your frequent flyer or airline points program

Pick a program that works well for your individual needs and your company’s. If you’re a frequent bu...

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Travel Tips 15

Plan Your Flight Strategy

First, you need to plan your flight times during the day. Most destinations will have few options th...

Travel Tips 16

Pre-Book, Pre-Book, Pre-Book

I’m sure you booked all your flights, including the internal flights. Now you should do the same wit...

neutral colors palette
Travel Tips 17

Prefer light and neutral colors

When you choose outfits, it is always a better idea to focus on light colors and neutrals. You can a...

Public Transportation busses
Travel Tips 18

Public Transportation Brings Different Perspective

Depending on where you go, public transportation could be the perfect way to move around. It’s cheap...

Read a book
Travel Tips 19

Read a book

It is not that good to stare at your mobile phone whenever you have free time. Instead, try to read...

Travel Tips 20

Remember Your Here To Enjoy

One of my first tips for traveling with kids was about "Take it Slow and Leave Plenty of Time". This...

sale signs
Travel Tips 21

Resell Your Hotel Room

Plans change for different reasons, and you might get stuck with a nonrefundable hotel room booking....

dog in airport terminal on vacation
Travel Tips 22

Schedule Longer Layovers

When traveling with kids, things take time and hold many surprises. Suppose you booked a non-direct...

hammock by the beach
Travel Tips 23

Schedule Some Downtime

Having a packed schedule, running from one activity to the other, can be hard even for adults. If yo...

Selfmade cooler right in your hotel room
Travel Tips 24

Selfmade cooler right in your hotel room

Need to cool down some drinks and don't have a fridge? Use the sink as a cooler. Fill the sink with...

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