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Fragile sticker
Travel Tips 13

Luggage Fragile Stickers

If you have any breakable items in your luggage, it's better to put a "FRAGILE" sticker on the bag o...

Make Them Partners
Travel Tips 14

Make Them Partners

If your kids are large enough, let them help with the planning of the trip. If they’re too small, ke...

people walking at the airport with a sunset in the background
Travel Tips 15

Minimize Transportation Security Administration time

You should take all the measures to minimize Transportation Security Administration time. Those who...

Business woman legs with luggage and a small bag
Travel Tips 16

No need to pack everything you have

You might think of carrying some extra accessories and clothing when you are on a business trip. How...

woman with fingers in ears
Travel Tips 17

Ohhh, The Pressure

Kids and adults often suffer from ear pressure when the plane takes off or land. An easy way to over...

One way sign
Travel Tips 18

One way fares - Do the math with

You can indeed book round-trip tickets very easily. However, when it comes to the price factor, they...

Overcome jet lag
Travel Tips 19

Overcome the jet lag while adapting to the new environment

You can use the local meal time so you will be able to overcome jet lag during that time. If there i...

Travel Tips 20

Pack Light

I know I probably mentioned this a few times in different tips and posts, but you really don’t want...

Brown shoes, some gray shirts and a watch in a dressing room.
Travel Tips 21

Pack your clothing wisely

When it comes to packing your clothing, you should do it smartly. It is always handy to take a sweat...

Pay Extra Attention To Safety And Security
Travel Tips 22

Pay Extra Attention To Safety And Security

I’m not referring to the security process at the airport. I’m talking about making sure your kids, n...

daily routines
Travel Tips 23

Perform your daily routines

You can bring a single item or a tool that is used by you every morning on a regular basis. It can b...

inside an airplane
Travel Tips 24

Pick the best flight seat

One of the most frustrating things about air travel is seating in a bad seat. No leg room, right nex...

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