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time zone
Travel Tips 13

Adjust To Your Destination Time Zone

If you’re traveling to a destination with a different time zone than yours, use the flight to adjust...

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Travel Tips 14

Ask For A Child Discount

Asking for child discounts can really save you a lot of money during your trip. Most people are not...

be nice
Travel Tips 15

Be nice

The same tip we gave about the airport employees apply with hotel employees – be nice. Make a good i...

6 colorful cupcakes
Travel Tips 16

Buy a small treat for the flight crew

How about buying a small treat for the flight crew? Does it sound like a crazy or ridiculous idea? W...

2 business mans drinking on an airplane business class
Travel Tips 17

Check For More Than One Option

Some business travelers might be on some restricted budget plans, and they want to check for coach c...

Travel Tips 18

Check-in early

You must check in for the flight either online or using the respective airline’s app. Then, get a ha...

Travel Tips 19


On your business trip, you have to be at your best. This is not the time to go wild and eat comfort...

cat stretching
Travel Tips 20

Do some stretching before getting into a new flight

Your muscles get strained and tired when you sit for an extended period during the flight. In some c...

Travel Tips 21

Get A Free Tour At The Airport

Don't waste your time at the airport waiting at the gate. Many airports provide free tours for passe...

Travel Tips 22

Get ready to pamper yourself

The flight is probably the most challenging part of the trip. It’s hard to sit in a crowded seat for...

social media
Travel Tips 23

Go social media

Social media is exceptionally popular these days. It has become one of the fastest ways to grab the...

Travel Tips 24

Have Entertainment Available

When you’re traveling with kids, keeping them entertained is critical, especially on long flights, w...

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