I’m developing TravelingFAQ to help you find and plan the best trips possible. Over the years, I’ve used many companies. Some are great, and some are not. On this page, I summarized those I recommend from personal experience or if I got a recommendation from someone I trust. I use them for my trips because they offer good deals and professional service. To make your trip even better, don’t forget to check our travel tips and travel gear reviews.

Disclosure: Some links on the page are affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you book through these links at no extra cost to you. That helps me keep this site going. I hope you’ll find these helpful.

Airfare & Flights

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I recommend starting your flight search here. Even if you’ll eventually book through another website (there are several I love working with), this is a great place to start and find the cheapest flight. If you plan enough time in advance, you can set a price alert and book the flight when the price drop.

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Expedia offers great flight deals and packages, including flight, accommodation, transportation, and more. Excellent interface, application with your booking information, and great service.

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Google Flights

Google Flight offers a few unique features. First, it lets you see flight prices on a map view so you can pick your destination based on flight costs. You can also set the price range and trip duration; if you’re flexible, you can search for flights on specific dates, months, or in the next six months.

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SeatGuru is a handy tool for selecting your flight seats. You find all the information you need on each seat of your flight so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping in Airports

Life happens, and sometimes you’ll get stuck at the airport and need to sleep in the airport. Sleeping in Airports tells you the best places to rest or sleep at each airport.
You can also check out our guide for the best airports and find places to rest or activities to do at different airports.

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Booking.com is my go-to for hotel searches around the world. They have accommodations almost everywhere you pick on earth, including all types of properties. It had an excellent interface and endless reviews and ratings from real users.

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Airbnb is where I go when I’m looking for unique accommodation, where I take care of everything on my own, without the crowd you find in hotels. I love that you can find places by filters like beach, island, design, amazing views, and other unique filters.

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HostelWorld is the best place to find hostels, with tens of thousands of hostels and millions of users’ reviews.

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Unlike the rest of the booking sites, Trivago is a price comparison site. It’s an accommodation aggregation engine that presents results from different websites, including the hotels’ websites. It’s a great place to start your search and look for deals.

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Like flights, Expedia also offers great accommodations directory, including special deals of rooms or combinations of flights, rooms and even car rental.

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Agoda is a great place to find different types of accommodations. It’s growing fast with offers all over the world, but still, its real benefit is for booking in Asia.

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This site is for those who are looking for a different travel experience. CouchSurfing lets you stay on people’s couches or spare rooms for free, almost anywhere. It’s a great way to save money and meet other people, especially locals. Of course, finding the right couch will require some time and flexibility, but it’s definitely possible.


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