tomtoc Versatile A42 for 16″ MacBook Pro Review

tomtoc Versatile A42 for 16″ MacBook Pro Review

Last Update: August 12, 2022

tomtoc's laptop shoulder bag features two front large zipper compartments for additional storage. With penholders, a small card pocket, which makes it easy to organize your MacBook and extra accessories. It has a silk look, great protection, and overall feels like it's built from good materials.

Brand: tomtoc

Category: Bags, Laptop Bags

Colors: Gray

Audience: Laptops owners, up to 16″

Main Materials: Mostly Nylon and Soft Fabric in the internal parts

Features & Specs


15.6'', Internal Dimensions - 14.13" x 9.77" x 0.71", External Dimensions - 15" x 10.7" x 1.26"

Notable Materials

YKK Zippers, Nylon


10.7 in x 15 in x 1.26 in (27.2 x 38.1 x 3.2 cm)


1.25 lb (0.6 kg)


Internal Dimensions - 14.13" x 9.77" x 0.71", External Dimensions - 15" x 10.7" x 1.26"

Our Rating

Build Quality








Pros & Cons


  • Interior lining is soft and provides good protection
  • Clean, professional look
  • Easily washable
  • Can be worn on the shoulder or across the body


  • A number of loose threads
  • Strap can be uncomfortable
  • Only fit a limited amount of accessories

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Full Review

Versatile A42 For 16'' MacBook Pro 2019 Travelers needing quick access to their laptop will find the tomtoc Versatile A42 for 16″ MacBook Pro a good choice. With it, you can keep all your tech handy when you are on a flight, at a coffee shop, or somewhere else without having to lug around a backpack. The beg appears to be very professional at first glance, and its low price is also appealing. Looking at the exterior, we see a nylon shell with a grainy texture. The material is smooth yet soft and has a bit of shine to it. Despite the grain of the fabric, it doesn’t attract too much dirt, and if it does, it’s easy to clean with just a wet rag.

Versatile A42 For 16'' MacBook Pro 2019 The overall look and design are simple, but I personally love the clean, simple lines. You can find it in different colors. Some are not available on the tomtoc website but are available on other websites. The carry strap is durable and made from nylon as well. It can be adjusted quickly and won’t come undone during use. The strap has aeration, which is perfect for hot days. The strap can be easily removed if you prefer to use it as a sleeve in your backpack. You can also carry the bag from the handle, which is very comfortable.

All of the zippers are incredibly smooth and easy to open and close. The two front pockets have a bit of padding to keep things safe (e.g., if you use it for your phone). There’s one smaller and one bigger pocket. They should fit all your gadgets and cables. Inside the smaller pocket, you’ll find internal pockets that fit two pens and other credit card-sized items. You can hold your phone as well in that pocket. The main compartment is lined with extra soft padding that protects your laptop. There are no internal pockets here, but you can fit in some extras if needed, such as papers or maybe your wireless keyboard. The materials and design will protect your laptop perfectly, and you won’t get any scratches or little zaps when you take your laptop in or out as happens in many other sleeves. The corners offer an extra layer of protection, which hopefully keeps your laptop safe from any beatings during everyday use. However, it will not protect your gear from when dropped in water. Overall, it’s a good bag for this price, and I guess you should enjoy it, and it will protect your laptops and extra gear. It’s safe in terms of materials and keeping your equipment from getting beat, but it’s very easy to open all compartments, so watch out from thieves, especially when traveling or sitting in a coffee shop. I only found one significant issue with the beg. Some customers reported loose threads after several weeks of use. Although they don’t appear to be damaging the bag’s construction, it shouldn’t be this way. I hope this won’t become a significant problem over time.

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