Vlietland, Netherlands

Vlietland, Netherlands

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Vlietland is a massive lake with a spacious surrounding park, which offers endless land and water activities such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, horse riding, camping, climbing, and much more.



Approx. Duration

Min half a day

Accessibility Level

Accessibility Level – Medium

Local Currency


Price Level

Min. Price

From: Free


Vlietland, Leidschendam, Netherlands

Spoken Languages

Dutch (official language), Frisian is spoken in the northern province of Friesland. English, German and French are widely spoken.

Recommended Age

Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Pricing Details

Access to the lakes and nature is free. The different activities and camping change according to your choices and budget.


230 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs with two round pins are standard


Additional Information

Vlietland is one of the largest and most attractive water sports, recreation, and nature areas in the Netherlands! The three lakes and surrounding forests, creeks, sunbathing areas bring a perfect nature. The area is packed with activities, a camping site, great food options, and a lot of fun for the entire family.

Few activities you’ll find includes:

  • A climbing park.
  • An aqua park.
  • A campsite.
  • A water sports club.
  • Sailing club with different boats you can rent.
  • Horse riding.

You can also enjoy the arbors on de Vliet, a harbor on an inland lake, many beaches, hiking trails, a beautiful restaurant on the water, and several catering pavilions.

If that’s not enough, almost every week, especially in the summer, different events take place in Vlietland.

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