Utrecht, Netherlands

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Utrecht is a beautiful university city in the Netherlands, known for its medieval center. It has peaceful canals with a relaxing, unique wharf, housing cafés and terraces by the water, and stunning architecture. It’s a small city, allowing you to experience the city in one day, although I would recommend 2-3 days to really enjoy what Utrecht has to offer.

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands, yet it’s the lively, beating heart of Holland. The city is built around the Dom Tower, which you can see from any point in the city (an easy way to make sure you are never lost). With ancient and historic buildings, hundreds of monuments, and the largest university in the Netherlands, you’ll experience a unique atmosphere like nowhere else.



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Utrecht, Netherlands

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Dutch (official language), Frisian is spoken in the northern province of Friesland. English, German and French are widely spoken.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Utrecht is famous for its Dom tower, beautiful historic city center, its inner canals, and its many shops and restaurants.

Yes, Utrecht is definitely worth visiting! It’s in the center of the Netherland and offers a much more relaxed vibe than Amsterdam and offers a lot to see and do.

Yes, Utrecht is known to be a safe city.

No. The closest airport is Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. From Schiphol, trains to Utrecht take about 30 minutes and depart every 15 minutes, and about 40 minutes car ride.

Around 22 miles (35 km)

Additional Information

You won’t need your car in Utrecht, so if you arrive by car, I suggest parking it as soon as you arrive, close to the Dom Tower, and make the rest of the tour on foot. Part of the fun in Utrecht is to browse around the streets and canals, so remember to look around as you go from one stop to the other and stop if you see something you like.

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Best Time To Visit

The most popular times for visitors in Utrecht are between July and August. The weather hovers around 23°C (74°F) and there are lots of events and activities. Overall, the weather is never very extreme, and visiting during the off-season is also ideal. If you’re not a fan of called weather, try to avoid wintertime, as the average temperature is 2°C (35°F).

quick tipRemember to check the weather forecast a few days before the trip and before heading to the airport.