Speculum Alchemiae Museum

Speculum Alchemiae Museum

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The Alchemy Museum, Speculum Alchemiae, is a small but fascinating museum exploring the history of alchemy in Prague. A guided tour through will take you back in time to the Middle Ages for a while when alchemy seemed significantly more plausible. Here you can actively discover the magic of being an alchemist. During the tour, the visitors go underground to secret labs, where alchemists once tried to concoct elixirs for love, memory, and eternal youth.

The museum sits in one of the oldest buildings in Prague, located in the Jewish Quarter.


Czechia (Czech Republic)

Approx. Duration

Less than an hour

Accessibility Level

Accessibility Level – Low

Local Currency

Czech koruna (Kč)

Price Level

Min. Price

From: 50 CZK


Haštalská 1, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Spoken Languages

Czech (official) and English

Recommended Age

Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Pricing Details

  • Adults: 200 CZK

  • Students: 50 CZK (15-26 with valid student ID)

  • Seniors: 150 CZK (65+)

  • Children: 70 CZK

  • Family (2 adults, 2 children under 15): 500 CZK

For various discounts check out the Speculum Alchemiae Museum website.

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