Socrates’ Prison

Socrates’ Prison

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Socrates, the Man and the Philosopher was imprisoned and eventually executed in 399 BC by poison hemlock.
As part of a lovely park on Philopappos Hill, you can find several fascinating points of interest. One of them is the Prison Of Socrates.
This cave-like structure cut into the rock of the Hill of Muses, west of the Acropolis, has been the jail used to hold the ancient philosopher Socrates before he was executed.
This structure was also used to hide antiquities from the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum during World War II.

were thought of as dangerous in Athens, leading to the decline of morality in the population of Greece. A new Athenian democracy was afraid that citizens would stop obeying the established laws and rules or fulfilling their civic duty, which would lead to overthrowing of the new political system.


On the slopes of Filopappou Hill, follow the path to this warren of rooms carved into bedrock. It’s said to have been the place Socrates was imprisoned in before his trial in 399 BC.
More recently, artefacts from the Acropolis and National Archaeological Museum were hidden here to protect them from Nazi looting during WWII.





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