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Rome, the most beautiful and populous metropolitan city in Italy, is a mix of historic ruins, exceptional works of art & architecture, delicious food, and vibrant city life. Ancient Romans called it the “Eternal City” because they believed Rome would always remain standing, no matter what happened to the rest of the world. The outstanding monuments and colossal remains will take you back to the time of Roman glory.
Being the third most visited city in Europe, Rome is rich in history, art, and culture. Rome offers several ruins and excavations of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. These ancient places show you how gladiators fought in this gigantic Roman Amphitheatre. The famous church, known as The Pantheon, has an open, round roof and is one of the best-kept architectures from ancient times. To go back in time, you can explore the Appian Way, Europe’s first super highway and possibly the oldest road of the ancient republic.
In this travel guide, we will show you why Rome is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and what you can do to make your trip to this stunning city memorable.



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When traveling to Rome, you must be prepared for the crowds and always be aware of your surroundings. Although Rome is relatively safe, you should avoid a few darkened areas at night, like Termini and Piazza Vittorio. Keep your belongings in a secure handbag, and try to stay with your traveling partner. If you travel solo, use safe routes and don’t accept drinks from strangers.

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Reasons to Visit

  • Incredible Fountains: Rome has some of the world’s most famous fountains in the world, including Trevi Fountain, La Barcaccia fountain, and The Frog. You will get lost in the beauty of these breathtaking fountains.
  • Delicious Food: During your stay in this fascinating city, make sure to try out some famous pasta dishes, fried artichokes, and the pizza al taglio. Don’t forget to drink a glass of wine whenever you can
  • Historic Architecture: Rome is an ancient city with dozens of marvelous historical architectures like the Colosseum and The Pantheon.
  • Stunning Neighborhoods: Exploring the diverse neighborhoods would be a treat for travelers. Roam around in the colorful streets of small towns and visit charming bars and eateries.
  • Michelangelo Art: Whether you’re an art lover or not, check out the fantastic artworks of one of the most famous artists of all time, Michelangelo. Visit the Sistine Chapel, Piazza Campidoglio, and Saint Peter’s Basilica to appreciate some of his most famous paintings.
  • Astounding Views: Rome is the place to go if you want to have the most fantastic time of your life! Founded in Seven Hills, this city offers incredible views. Watch the sunset over the ruins to fall in love with this city.

Things to Avoid

  • Not booking a walking Tour: Apart from roaming around in a taxi, you must book a walking tour for a unique and informative experience.
  • Packing too much: Whether traveling with your friends or solo, you should pack as low as possible to roam around freely and enjoy the ancient attractions without carrying large pieces of luggage around.
  • Living in the wrong neighborhood: Try to live in a picturesque neighborhood for a joyful experience. However, don’t go too far from the central point, or you will spend too much on transportation.
  • Only seeing the main attractions: Rome has dozens of hidden gems around the city waiting to be explored. Make sure to walk around the city or book a Vespa to explore all the incredible sites outside the main center.
  • Not Using Public Transportation: You can save money by using Rome’s excellent public transportation system. Instead of spending half of your money on taxis, visit many more places by using public transport.
  • Not interacting with locals: Don’t be afraid to sit with the locals and learn more about the hidden places of this ancient city. You don’t know what you can discover by talking to your waiter or vendors at the market.

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