Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague, the Czech capital city, is a city that lives up to all the hype. Travel through the cobblestone streets, enjoy the architecture and historic buildings, enjoy the nightlife, or unwind in the beer gardens, check the museums and art galleries, and simply enjoy the unique atmosphere.


Czechia (Czech Republic)

Approx. Duration

Min 2 days

Accessibility Level

Accessibility Level – High

Local Currency

Czech koruna (Kč)

Price Level

Min. Price

Not Relevant


Prague, Czech Republic

Spoken Languages

Czech (official) and English

Recommended Age

Teens, Adults, Seniors

Pricing Details

Prague offers many activities. Some are free and some are not. If you plan on going to many sites, we advise that you’ll get a combo ticket that covers the sites that interest you.

Few sample passe cards include Flexi Pass, Dárkový Pass, Relax Pass, Fokus Pass, and Edenred Compliments, Ticket Benefits Sport a Kultura, Ticket Benefits Multi.

Before you do, remember that some hotels will give you points for your stay that grants you free entry to top attractions.




Things To Do

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