London, United Kingdom Travel Guide

London, United Kingdom Travel Guide

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is known for its beautiful landmarks, iconic structures, and history spanning nearly two millennia. With an advanced economy and cultural destinations – London attracts millions of people worldwide.

London is a confederal metropolis home to cities, mayors, cathedrals, chambers of commerce, police forces, and universities.

London is also famously known for its beautiful landscape. With its beautiful weather and cold climate – London is a destination of choice for tourists looking to escape from temperate climates. The center of entertainment, fashion, commerce, and science and technology – London is a place everyone should get to visit at least once in their lives.


United Kingdon

Approx. Duration

Min 1 day

Accessibility Level

Accessibility Level – High

Local Currency

Pound sterling

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Not Relevant


London, UK

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Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Not Relevant, Any Age

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Not Relevant


230V, 50Hz, plugs have three rectangular pins


While it is generally a very safe city, London is packed with tourists. That attracts pickpockets, especially in popular landmarks.

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