Lille, France

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Visiting Lille, you’ll find a surprising cultural scene, historic buildings, fine restaurants, and a quaint old town.


France, Northern France

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Lille, France

Estimated Duration

Half day to 2 days

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France (formal), English spoken by most of the population



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Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors


Reasons to visit Lille, France

Flea markets, festivals, food

Lille offers several amazing markets and festivals throughout the year.

Old Lille (Vieux Lille)

Take a walk or a guided tour, and immerse yourself in Lille’s most charming district, located just north of the city center. See the remarkably restored Old Lille (Vieux Lille) with its striking architecture. Its narrow, cobblestoned streets, Flemish-style, red-brick buildings, bold colors decors, and cheerful, brightly painted facades inspire any architecture lover. You’ll enjoy remarkable 17th-century architecture that inspires you to stroll and take endless pictures.

Notable monuments include:

  • The Palais Rihour.
  • The Main Square.
  • The old stock exchange.
  • The Opera House.
  • The Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Notre-Dame de la Treille cathedral.



You can find amazing architecture, shopping for fashion lovers (who find Paris is too expensive), French cuisine and art, including Palais des Beaux-Arts, the second largest general-interest museum in France after the Louvre.

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