Lake Garda, Italy

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Town of Limone sul Garda on Garda lake view
Lake Garda, Italy 3


Lake Garda, also known as Lago di Garda, is the largest lake in Italy and one of the most popular tourist places in northern Italy. It has 370 square kilometers and is located among the three Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino-Alto Adige. This beautiful place has around 25 villages that offer a peaceful environment with charming views.

All villages are filled with cultural and historical sights and are easily reachable by highway. Whether you love monuments or castles, Lake Garda offers plenty for everyone. Its weather is ideal all year long; you can enjoy the beaches and roam freely around the local farms to live unforgettable moments. To take your tour to the next level, try to take a ferryboat in Lake Garda to reach these villages.

Are you planning a trip to Lago di Garda, Italy? Let us help you. Read this guide so you can plan out what to do and what to avoid.



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Lake Garda, Italy

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Although Lake Garda is pretty safe, you should be wary of thieves and pickpockets at the tourist sights. Therefore, it’s recommended to remain in touristy areas and leave your belongings at the hotel.

Additional Information

Reasons to Visit

  • Picturesque View: On your visit to Lake Garda, you’ll find a lot of spots that will make your soul happy! Lake Garda offers exceptional sceneries and views from natural landscapes to beaches, crystal clear waters to caves. In addition, there are 25 villages on Lake Garda, each offering a unique cultural and historical experience.
    You can also visit local farms and enjoy the gorgeous views of olive, lemon, and palm trees. If you love taking pictures for social media, we guarantee you will love it.
  • Castles and Fortresses: Lake Garda has 12 castles and fortresses. By exploring these historical sights, you can travel back to ancient times. If you’re short on time, visit the Castello di Sirmione, Castello di Arco, and Castello Scaligero di Malcesine.
  • Unforgettable Hikes: To have an out-of-the-world experience, it’s highly recommended to go on the beautiful hikes around the villages. Whether you’re looking for some moments of peace or want to explore the lovely mountains, the hiking trails are the perfect answer. There are over 100 hiking routes across Lake Garda, so if you are short on time, visit the Monte Brione Trail and Ponale Trail.
    Lake Garda’s picturesque views will be seen while walking by the peaceful valleys and architectural sites.
  • Perfect Weather: The weather in Lake Garde is just amazing. You won’t find too much heat or cold as the lake helps moderate the area’s temperature. Unlike cities, you’ll find the weather to be incredibly pleasant. Apart from the hottest months (July and August), you can roam freely without worrying about the sun or cold winds.
  • Visit the Lake Garda Markets: Visit the famous Lake Garda markets to shop like locals. You can buy cheaper, high-quality Italian leather goods, clothing, and more. Note that most markets close before the afternoon, so you must visit them in the morning for a memorable experience.

Things to Avoid

  • Skip Crowded Season: From May to August, the tourist season is at its peak, so you will have difficulty exploring all the hidden gems of Lake Garda. If you want to make your experience unforgettable, try visiting Lake Garda outside the high season. You’ll save a lot of money on accommodations and tours.
  • Avoid Fancy Restaurants: Instead of going for pizza and fancy restaurants, we highly recommend eating out at the small local cafes for a more authentic experience. You can ask your hotel staff or our local guides for some recommendations. You’ll be able to save some money and get a much better taste by eating at local cafes.
  • Go North: If you want to avoid substantial beach crowds, go north for less crowded options. You’ll find cheaper sun loungers and much fewer tourists so that you can enjoy the view.


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Best Time To Visit

lightbulb iconRemember to check the weather forecast a few days before the trip and before heading to the airport.

Although the temperature remains mild all year round in Lake Garda, the best period to visit is between April and June and from September to November. In July and August, you’ll find nearly all the best attractions jam-packed with tourists, so you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Flights & Accommodations

Whether with family or solo, it’s better to pack only the essentials so you can travel easily without any burden. Although Lake Garda is relatively safe, you should always carry a money belt to protect your valuables from pickpockets and thefts. Also, remember to take your favorite hat and shades to take memorable photos for your social media.

Events & Festivals

Before planning a trip around an even, verify the dates on the event website or local tourist info center.

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