Harderwijk, Netherlands

Harderwijk, Netherlands

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Harderwijk is a beautiful, medieval Hanseatic city. It offers impressive nature, located between the Veluwe national park and the river. The city is rushing with good vibes and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the culture, culinary treats, or a day of shopping. It’s a great city to walk or cycle in, observing the atmosphere and enjoying the beauty of the lake. A forest adventure is just a short walk and the same for the relaxing river. The city is packed with monuments, history, beautiful streets, beautiful sights, and attractions.



Approx. Duration

1 to 3 days

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Accessibility Level – High

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Harderwijk, Netherlands

Spoken Languages

Dutch (official language), Frisian is spoken in the northern province of Friesland. English, German and French are widely spoken.

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Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Any Age

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From: € 25.00


230 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs with two round pins are standard


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