Edinburgh, United Kingdom Travel Guide

Edinburgh, United Kingdom Travel Guide

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Edinburgh is one of the 32 council areas of Scotland and its capital. Edinburgh is the second-most populous city in Scotland after Glasgow. It is also home to the Scottish Government and the highest courts in Scotland. Furthermore, the city is recognized for being home to the world’s most distinguished university, The University of Edinburgh, and for excelling in the fields of science, especially medicine.

It is also the center of finance, law, history, and literature. It attracts 2.4 million visits from overseas, making it the second-most visited place in the UK.


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Edinburgh is safe for travelers, whether you’re traveling solo or in groups. It is also safe to walk at night. However, you should be cautious of drunken youth in the streets as they can appear loud and unpleasant. Calton Hill offers good views during the day but is best avoided at night.

Additional Information

Reasons to visit Edinburgh:

The People: Scottish people are known across the world for their warm welcomes, hospitality, and passion.

Delicious Food: Scottish food is known across the world. Edinburgh is home to the world’s top Michelin-star restaurants, exceptional tea, bakeries, and street food. The Pitt Market is Edinburgh’s famous street food venue, so be sure to visit it!

Sport: If you’re a sports fan, Edinburgh is a place you should definitely visit! Edinburgh’s professional rugby team – Edinburgh Rugby, plays their home games at the BT Murrayfield Stadium.

Enjoy Long Walks: Edinburgh is an excellent place to enjoy long walks. Its dormant volcano, seven hills, and cobbled streets are outstanding places for a beautiful, scenic walk.

Rich History: Marked by Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clan members, powerful ruling monarchs, and philosophers – Edinburgh has a rich history. Visit one of Edinburgh’s beautiful castles to get an insight into the rich Scottish history.

Attractions: The Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, Dynamic Earth, The Edinburgh Dungeon, Camera Obscura, and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are among the top tourist attractions in the city that attract millions from across the globe.


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Best Time To Visit

* Remember to check the weather forecast few days before the trip and before heading to the airport. *

The best time to visit Edinburgh is between May to September. The city’s sights are the most beautiful at this time of the year when the days are longer and the weather is pleasant. However, if you want to join in on the city’s top festivals, August is the best time to visit!

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If you’re traveling to Edinburgh, you should pack a waterproof jacket, such as a trenchcoat, as it tends to get rainy. Pair it with a pair of waterproof shoes and leather boots, and you’ll be just fine! And don’t forget to carry your umbrella wherever you go!

Events & Festivals

Before planning a trip around an even, verify the dates on the event website or local tourist info center.

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