Belfast, United Kingdom Travel Guide

Belfast, United Kingdom Travel Guide

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Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland and stands on the banks of the River Lagan. Belfast has a rich history because of its massive role in the Industrial Revolution in Ireland. As of 2019, Belfast is home to major aerospace and missile industries.

Belfast has a temperate oceanic climate, which means it receives adequate yearly rainfall. Belfast gets snow less than ten days a year as a coastal area. Belfast is also home to Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian-style architectural buildings. Furthermore, Belfast is surrounded by mountains that create a climate conducive to agricultural activities. It is home to various parklands and forest parks.


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Belfast is a safe city in Ireland. Incidents of violent and petty crime remain low. However, staying cautious in areas like Shankill Road, Falls Road, and the Belfast City Centre is vital.

Additional Information

From incredible historical landmarks to beautiful parklands, the capital of Ireland is an excellent place to visit for many reasons, including:

Good Transportation: The city is supported by good connectivity through air, ferry, road, and air.

Iconic Places: The Cathedral Quarters is one of the city’s best places to visit and is equivalent to London’s Fleet Street. It provides immersive shopping opportunities and much more. Furthermore, the City Hall, situated in the Central District, is an excellent place to visit because of its busy shopping streets, gardens, and a tour of the Hall.

The Titanic Museum: The Titanic was built in Belfast and housed a museum dedicated to the shipyard. A tour of the museum provides historical insight impossible to learn anywhere else!

Diverse International Cuisine: Belfast also offers a large variety of international cuisine. The Ulster Fry is among the top Irish dishes each visitor is recommended to try!