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Athens is the capital of Greece and is dedicated to the goddess Athena. In Athens, you’ll find a lot to do, from ancient architecture, museums, and tasty street food. It was at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks.



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Athens, Greece

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These days, the neighborhoods and backstreets of Athens reveal modern and laidback energy, with relaxing beaches, sparkling urban restaurants, street food, and edgy galleries. All set against what was once the heart of one of the most powerful civilizations. It was dominated by immense architectural feats of the ancient past, from the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Best Time To Visit

Athens summers are scorching, with average daily highs around 95 F (35 C) and lows of 76 F (25 C). During the summer months of July and August, many local business owners flee to coastal towns, so many local businesses aren’t open.

Flights & Accommodations

Good walking shoes.

Events & Festivals

Before planning a trip around an even, verify the dates on the event website or local tourist info center.

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