Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

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Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

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No matter how patient your kids are, waiting in lines is not the fun part of the trip. Your trip will include lines. There are lines at the airport, buying tickets, waiting for a ride at the amusement park, and many more. Let’s try to minimize them.

At the airport

Airport lines are usually at the security check, at the check-in (when you drop your baggage), when boarding, and on border control.

If you’re flying in a premium class (First, Business, Premium economy), most of these lines usually automatically reduced.​


You can even reduce the check-in/baggage drop line by doing the check-in online the day before. Then you can skip the line and travel with your carry-on bags.

One more thing to remember is to sign your entire family for TSA Pre-Check to speed through security.

It will give you access to a shorter (usually much shorter) line with an expedited security scan. It will also save you from having to remove laptops, liquids, shoes, or light jackets.

If you haven’t signed up for TSA Pre-Check, here are some tips to go through the airport security process.

You can speed up the process a bit more by enrolling your family in the Global Entry program for border control. It’s useful when landing in the US but read more to learn about similar programs that might fit your needs.



Events, museums, shows

This one is straightforward. Almost any event, venue, museum, show, etc., lets you buy tickets online.

Buy tickets in advance, save time, usually save some money. Just note that if you buy for a specific date, it means you’ll be less flexible with your plans.

Sometimes, e.g., buying Broadway tickets, it’s cheaper to buy tickets on sale. For NY Broadway, you can register for lottery or buy on a few locations in New York, which offer discount tickets. Here you risk that you won’t have the tickets you wished for so it’s not the best idea when traveling with kids.


Amusement parks

Again, buy the tickets online in advance. You’ll get much better rates and save a lot of time on the line to buy tickets.

In amusement parks, you can even save time waiting in line for the rides.

Final Thoughts

If you got some extra miles, this might be a good time to use them to upgrade your family. You’ll travel more comfortably, sleep better and arrive fresh to your destination.
Some credit cards might give you priority boarding. It depends on the airline you’re flying with so check it out.

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