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You travel for a business purpose, and you are supposed to give your fullest efforts to accomplish it. So, be smart enough to stay hydrated and maintain a business-ready mentality. You should hydrate yourself as it helps you keep fresh skin. If your meeting is scheduled right after landing, be tricky enough to pack a good outfit in a suitcase and carry it with you. As a result, you will not want to iron it; all you need is to put it on, and that can be done in a couple of minutes. This is applicable even for those who intend to engage in casual-type work because having a fresh outfit makes you more confident and prepared. You can make your hair look very clean and fresh simply by using some dry shampoo. With the application of shampoo, your hair won’t appear as it was leaning against the seat you were sitting in. Moreover, you must have all the office essentials in a single pack (bag), so you can pick them up and head toward the meeting. Also, about two hours before the meeting, you should have a coffee or some other caffeinated drink to stay energetic and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Prepare and pack according to your plans. Don’t take a suit on board if you don’t have a meeting right after landing.

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