Set a List & Alarm – Never Forget Anything in the Hotel Room

Set a List & Alarm So You'll Never Forget Anything in a Hotel Room
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I keep hearing about people forgetting things in the hotel room and remembering they left their passport in the safe when they’re at the airport.

A simple trick will ensure you won’t leave anything behind. First, make a list. Then, use your favorite notes app (mine is Google Keep) to list all the important things you packed (Passport, money, jewelry, phones, etc. If you buy new stuff during your trip, add them to the list. Now set alarms:

  1. For the nights before – pack everything as you’re getting ready for morning checkout. Simply go over the list so you won’t forget anything.
  2. Set another alarm 45 minutes before your checkout, and review the list again. The goal is to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be even more organized, when you put the important stuff away, add a note next to each item in the list stating where you put it (the safe, closet, bed drawer, etc.)

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