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Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

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I’m sure you booked all your flights, including the internal flights. Now you should do the same with everything you can. If you’re used to booking a hotel room along the way, that’s not recommended when traveling with kids. When you arrive, you wanna go straight to your lodging, drop off your bags and give everyone some time to rest, especially if it’s after a long trip. If you still want some flexibility, at least book the first few nights in advance.

Now go and book everything else you can. You will have fewer things to worry about, save time during the trip, and usually, booking online in advance costs less than booking at the venue.
Pre-book events, shows, park tickets, museums, public transportation, tours, and even a restaurant table if there’s a specific restaurant you’d like to go to.

Final Thoughts

Remember to leave time to relax and some flexibility (see tip called “Take it Slow and Leave Plenty of Time”).

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