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Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

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I’m not referring to the security process at the airport. I’m talking about making sure your kids, no matter their age, are safe during every step of the trip.

Never lose sight of your loved ones – when you lose your child and don’t know where he is even for a second, it’s the worst feeling anyone can imagine. So make sure you always know where your kids are, whether it’s at the airport, museums, parks, streets, and any other place you travel. Yes, you should explain to them, as part of the trip ground rules, that they should always pay attention and stay with one of the adults. But they are kids, and kids might easily lose attention looking at a shiny new toy and get lost.

When busy with logistics, even buying tickets to the amusement park, you can easily lose track and get distracted. When traveling with another adult, always make sure one is busy with logistics, while the other keeps an eye on the kids. If you travel alone with kids, make sure that they stay within your view at all times. If possible, hold their hands.

Another tip that can help to keep things safe, especially in crowded places, make sure your kids have your contact information. Even if they can’t call you, other adults might help when needed.

The contact information should include:

  • Full name
  • Phone number/s
  • Email address
  • Local address (hotel, family)

The easiest way would be to put the not in their pocket. No pockets, be creative. Tie the note to their belt loop, give them a necklace, put it in their shoes or you can order bands designed especially for these, such as those found on Amazon. Just make sure they know where it is.

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