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The flight is probably the most challenging part of the trip. It’s hard to sit in a crowded seat for a long time, sometimes in a noisy surrounding with compressed air. Have your book/Audiobook, movies, music, or any other hobby to pass the time. Try to pamper your body the best you can. If you’re a Germaphobes, bring your hand sanitizer and your own travel pillow. Remember that you can’t have large liquid bottles on the flight so that you can get hand sanitizer wipes.
Does sitting too long causes you to tight muscles or leg cramps? In that case, consider bringing a tennis ball to roll out the tight muscle.

Final Thoughts

Frequent travelers might consider investing in a pair of compression socks to increase blood flow during such long periods of immobility.
Pack items that help you sleep, such as a pillow, headphones, and eye mask.

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