Bring A Stroller Or Sling

Bring A Stroller Or Sling
Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

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If you travel with a baby or toddler, you need some way to carry them around during the trip. If you travel in cities or places with paved paths and sidewalks, it’s easier to walk around with a stroller. If you plan on hiking, the sling will probably be a better choice. Slings are very light and easy to pack, strollers could get big and heavy, but there are some amazing lightweight, very foldable strollers out there. If it’s something you’re gonna use, consider investing in a great one. There are other factors to choose one over the other, depending on your personal preferences and other factors such as:
  • Are you traveling to a warm destination? Do you really want your baby pressed to your chest the entire trip?
  • Would you travel mostly on sidewalks and stroller-friendly trails or the wild nature?
  • Do you like to pack light or even lighter?

Final Thoughts

If you’re bringing a sling, make sure you know how to use it before the trip.

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