Ask For A Child Discount

Ask For A Child Discount 2
Waiting In Line Is Not For Kids

Trip Stages

Preparation, Flight, Accommodation, Traveling

Trip Types

Budget Travel, Family Vacation, Traveling with kids

Age Groups

Babies, Kids

World Regions

Africa, Asia & Pacific, Entire World, Europe, Middle East, North America, South/Latin America

Time of Year

Any Time Of Year

Asking for child discounts can really save you a lot of money during your trip. Most people are not aware of these, or they don’t feel comfortable asking, but give it a try, and you’ll be surprised when you see how many places will give you a child discount when you’re traveling.

Some restaurants and other locations may publish their prices and kids’ policies online on their website, but there is usually no mention of a discount. You have nothing to lose by simply asking.

Either send a quick email ahead of time or ask when you’re buying tickets at the location.

Ask for discounts on:

  • Attraction entrance fees
  • Transportation including buses and trains
  • Restaurants
  • Private tours and guides

Final Thoughts

The more popular locations and cities will offer a large variety of coupons you can find online. Give it a try.

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