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Fragile sticker

Luggage Fragile Stickers

If you have any breakable items in your luggage, it's better to put a "FRAGILE" sticker on the bag o...

Get A Free Tour At The Airport

Don't waste your time at the airport waiting at the gate. Many airports provide free tours for passe...
Greek Food in ouzeries restaurant

What are Greek ouzeries

Ouzerie is a greek type of restaurant that specializes in smaller dishes which you eat with ouzo. Mo...
drawn map with stars pointing random places

Star Trip

A Start Trip is a convenient way of traveling, especially with kids. You choose the trip and activit...
airplane seats with viruses

Ziploc Bag on a Flight Can Be a Lifesaver

Next time you're packing your carry-on for a flight, throw a gallon-sized Ziploc bag in th...
illustration of 2 people shaking hands and a robot replying emails

Show when you're out of office

Before going on vacation, make sure you delegate your tasks to employees or colleagues you trust and...
Netherlands flag - 3 stripes of red, white and blue

The difference between the Netherlands and Holland

There is no country called Holland. The country is called the Netherlands but there are 2 provinces...
Selfmade cooler right in your hotel room

Selfmade cooler right in your hotel room

Need to cool down some drinks and don't have a fridge? Use the sink as a cooler. Fill the sink with...
sale signs

Resell Your Hotel Room

Plans change for different reasons, and you might get stuck with a nonrefundable hotel room booking....
coffee and a book

Do you book on the weekend or mid-week

Some hotels, especially downtown, are focused on business travelers. Therefore, their prices may be...

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