This Is How You Will Make Your Family Vacation successful

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The concept of a family vacation comes with the context of recreation, bonding time, and fun days. But, if we don’t manage it correctly, it can become exhausting, leading to children who expect too much and, in the end, experienced chaos, boredom, and anger. To ensure this won’t happen, I have prepared some tips to make your vacation perfect.

The big vacation is coming, and we are all very excited. But going on any holiday, especially with children, is always accompanied by concerns. How will we pack everything they need? How will we entertain them during the flight or long car rides? How to avoid screaming when they are tired in the middle of a restaurant or attraction? How will we turn it from an exhausting journey into a fun vacation? Yes, you can have fun with the kids on vacation; just make sure you make the proper preparations.

Create a vacation routine

Routine and vacation may sound like opposite concepts. However, children really need a routine and framework. Therefore, we need to plan our vacation schedule ahead of time, even if it destroys the element of spontaneity. Create a routine but change the entertainment and activities for each day according to our plans and interests. This pattern will let them organize and prepare better for each day that comes, create a sense of security in the children and let them leave knowing that we are ready.

matching expectations

What goes through a child’s mind is not what goes through ours. We prepare them for a fantastic time, and they can imagine even more extensive things than what we tell them and what they actually are. They look forward to the vacation. If we are excited about a vacation, they arrive many times more excited. It is challenging to control a situation that may shatter for us at the moment of truth. But suppose we coordinate expectations with the children. At the beginning of each day, let’s take 5 minutes to tell them the plans for today. Let’s explain what we’re going to see and do. They will know what awaits them without encountering a situation of disappointment when they discover that everything they pictured in their head is not happening.

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Let them be part of the vacation management

Each child is like different activities and has other interests. We don’t want to find out on vacation that our child is unable to walk far or doesn’t want to go around the museum. Not knowing our kids’ interests and capabilities will quickly lead us to a situation of crying at best and showing resistance at worth. So when you plan each day of the trip, get them involved and check with them if they want to walk a lot or if they prefer to take a bus. Ask them if the attraction we have chosen interests them or perhaps you should pick another activity.

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This Is How You Will Make Your Family Vacation successful 10

Prepare accordingly – especially parents of the babies

We all want a relaxing vacation without dealing with administration, sleeping hours, and feeding at specific times. Still, when small children are involved, especially babies, some elements are essential to take care of. Otherwise, the need for a relaxing vacation becomes a burden. For example, the baby won’t stop crying because he is hungry. Still, we decide that now is not the time to rest or eat since there is no restaurant or grocery store nearby. If we make the proper preparations, we will bring a suitable and comfortable stroller and let the baby sleep or eat when he needs it. Even if it means taking a few minutes to stop everything and going into a quiet cafe to put him to sleep in the stroller, and only then continue the trip. Or maybe it means we need to ensure we always have some snacks and food in our bag for when our child is hungry. These will prevent situations that make it difficult for us to deal with and violate the peace of the planned trip.

Ready To Go?

For more tips on traveling with kids, check out this tips page.


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Last update: December 2022

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