Things To Do In London This Weekend

Things To Do In London This Weekend

Things To Do In London This Weekend

London, one of the best cities in the world, has a variety of sights to see while you’re there. London will offer you a wide range of possibilities, all of which are certain to please you if you’re seeking things to do this weekend. It is possible to accommodate everyone’s tastes and areas of interest when you’re in London. Since it is the capital, London offers a wide variety of activities. There is a tonne of things to do in London, whether you want to take your family to some historical locations or just visit the eccentric Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities.

Here are some amazing things for your weekend getaway in London that are perfect for solo, couple, or family travelers.

1. Visit The Famous Warwick Castle

The history of Warwick Castle dates back to the eleventh century. The castle has a fascinating history and has served as a family home, a battlement site, and a tourist attraction over the years. The castle served as Greville’s royal home in 1797. Greville family, who received the castle as a gift from King James I, was a part of the Gunpower plan of 1605 along with Guy Fawkes. Warwick Castle has been the subject of numerous ghost stories, which adds to the castle’s allure. One of the jailers who relished torturing inmates lived in the castle. Purchase Warwick Castle Tickets to experience London’s medieval era and learn about the way that time’s inhabitants lived.

2. Take A Stroll To Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is one of the best places in the city to spend time with friends and family and the most enjoyable things to do in London on weekends and is regarded as one of the most exclusive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London. The gardens contain a remarkable collection of live plants and a center for scientific study that is well-known on a global scale. As a result, going here can rank as one of the top weekend activities in London because you’ll get to see more than 14,000 different and unusual plants. It is renowned for its stunning, spellbinding natural beauty. It extends over 300 acres. Kew Gardens is a well-known research facility with libraries, museums, and lovely gardens. When visiting Kew Gardens, guests can take part in a variety of activities like the 59-foot-tall Treetop Walkway, admire the city from the Great Pagoda, and discover more about the gardens’ history at Kew Palace.

remember to pre-order your Kew Gardens tickets to skip the line.

Kew Gardens London
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3. Explore The London Eye

One of the coolest things to do in London this weekend is to ride the London Eye, which is situated in the Southbank. The most recognizable sight of the London sky is the London Eye, the tallest wheel in the world. Every year, this iconic wheel gets roughly 4 million visitors. This incredible figure demonstrates how well-liked it is among both locals and tourists. 32 glass capsules that make up the wheel are there. One may see up to 40 kilometers out from the wheel on a clear day. The beautiful perspective of the city is described in depth by bilingual guides in their commentary.

Note that it could be very crowded so make sure to pre-book your tickets online in advance.

4. Visit the Tower Of London

The Tower of London is one of the best things to do in London this weekend because visitors can immediately sense its breathtaking majesty and historical significance once they approach the grounds. The most important historical tales and events in British history can be found at this famous site. The Royal Palace and Fortress of Queen Elizabeth II are located there, in the heart of London. It is actually a castle built of numerous concentric towers, although going by the name “Tower of London.”

To save money, if you go to both Tower Of London and the London Eye, get a combined ticket that covers both attractions.

5. Enjoy At Warner Bros Studio

The Warner Brothers Studio is where you can explore the fantastic world of Harry Potter. It is considered to be one of London’s top attractions. Learn the secrets of the most well-known television shows. Take a seat on the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9-34. To recreate Harry’s spectacular time-traveling train ride to Hogwarts, set up a luggage cart and board the vehicle. Visit Blotts, Wizard Wheezes, Flourish, and Ollivander’s Wizard Shop in Diagon Alley, which is known for its cobblestone streets. Amazing costumes, sets, and accessories can be found in the backstage areas. Learn more about the animatronics and special effects utilized in Harry Potter films. Keep in mind iconic items like Hagrid’s motorcycle and Harry’s Nimbus 2000. Click here to pre-book your tickets.

6. Experience The London Dungeon

By providing a wonderful experience with both eerie and amusing features, The London Dungeon offers one of the top places to visit in London, making your evening pleasurable. Travel through 1,000 years of violent London history with the help of a wholly themed adventure. 360-degree sets, extravagant theatrics, and an engaging plot are enough to make your evening exceptional in this setting. Intimidating East London streets, torture chambers, and homes decimated by the plague are all brought to life by the outstanding performance of professional theatrical performers. The Dungeon recreates the most horrifying, awful, and revolting events in the history of the capital using black comedy or gallows humor.

Click here to make sure you have your tickets for this great experience.

Want more things to do?

If you plan on doing many attractions in London, a great way to save money on tickets is getting a Go City card, which will cover most of the activities on our list and more.

You can prioritize several must-see locations in the city over the weekend, even if you just have a few days to spare and want to enjoy the journey in London. Check out this list of some of the best places to visit and activities to do this weekend in London!

What’s next?

For more info, check out TravelingFAQ travel guides for London and other places in the UK.

Last update: December 2022

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