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When packing for your next business trip or a family vacation, there are always many things to remember and do.

Traveling FAQ list will help you ensure you won’t forget anything. Key points to consider when packing:

  • The length of your trip
  • The location
  • Trip type
  • Who’s traveling
  • The weather

Before you go over the list…​

Before choosing what to pack and what to skip, you have to decide on a few things:

Checking a bag or only taking carry-on?​

On top of your backpack with all of the essential and important items, you can also take a carry-on bag with you to the plane (always check your flight terms to make sure it’s allowed and that it won’t cost you extra).

I personally prefer to avoid checking bags when possible, but many times it’s not the case. You can read our post on Checking a bag vs. carrying on. What should I do? which will help you decide on that. Based on that, you’ll decide on the amount of equipment you should and can take.

If you’re a minimal packing person, think about layering clothes in neutral colors that would fit you in different weather conditions and various parts of your trip.

Trip length​

Are you going for a short, 3-5 days trip, or do you go on a week or more trip?

For a short trip, the basic clothing you need will probably include:

  • One pair of underwear per day
  •  One per of socks per day
  • One pair of pajamas
  • One to two dressier / evening outfits
  • One to two sport /daily outfits
  • One to two casual outfits
  • One to two pairs of shoes

Remember that you already wear some equipment like shoes, maybe a coat.

For longer trips, over a week, you’ll probably need:

  • One pair of underwear per day
  • One pair and socks per day
  • One or Two pairs of pajamas
  • Three dressier / evening outfits
  • Three to four casual outfits
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Two sport /daily outfits

Remember that you can often wash (on your own, in the hotel, in a laundry place) and pack less. Just remember to take the laundry kit.

Trip type​

Do you plan to travel to nature or the city? Cruise or skiing? The type of trip you’re going on affects the things you need to pack or buy. Some trips might require special gear. Remember that if it’s a hobby, it might be better to rent equipment and not buy, since special equipment can be pretty expensive.

Quick Tip

Look at the location you’re heading to on Instagram and see what people do and wear.​

Remember that each place might have different needs. For example:

  • Going hiking, have great walking shoes and quick-dry clothing.
  • Going to the beach, make sure you have beach shoes or maybe snorkeling equipment.
  • Going on a cruise, perhaps you need seasickness remedies, formal wear, sunscreen.

Don’t forget snacks and water for the day.

Things you should always keep close to you​

It’s essential to keep a copy of the important document such as passport, visa, and driver’s license on your carry-on/backpack and not check it in. Same for your wallet, keys, expensive electronics, cash, and your itinerary. I also like to keep a copy with a friend or family and send a copy to my email, just in case.

If you have things that can make your flight more convenient, such as books, music, a flight pillow, etc., remember to pack them on your carry-on as well.

In case your check-in gets lost, especially on short trips, it always helps to keep a pair of extra clothing in your carry-on so you’ll have clean clothes for when you arrive.

The below images contains the complete list of items to pack. We recommend that you download your free copy and (PDF file) and print it as you pack.

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