How to Get the Most Out of Your Staycation

How to Get the Most Out of Your Staycation
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What do you do when you want to get away but can’t go far due to COVID-19? Plan a staycation, of course! A staycation is a safe, budget-friendly alternative to long-distance travel during the pandemic.

Staycations needn’t be dull either! Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or discovering local hidden gems, there’s a lot of fun to be had right in your own backyard. Ready to start planning your staycation? These tips from Traveling FAQ will help you plan an affordable local getaway or home staycation that feels like the real thing.

Plan Ahead

Preparation is the key to a truly guilt-free staycation. Take a long weekend off work, set a budget, and chart out what you plan to do at home or on the town. A roadmap makes it easier to stick to your staycation!

Book a Local Stay

This is also the time to book local lodging, and getting out of the house can make a difference if you want your staycation to feel like a real getaway. You won’t have to spend a lot either with many hotels offering discounts to local travelers during the pandemic. To make it more romantic or special, consider a B&B for a more personalized experience.

Dress to Impress

It’s been months since you’ve had a reason to get dressed up, so take advantage of it. Refresh your wardrobe with a couple of new pieces before your trip, like a fun and flattering dress, pajamas for cozying up at your B&B, and maybe even some lingerie. Not only will you look and feel your best, but you’ll also get a little bit of retail therapy too! If you’re on a budget, look to deal sites with promo codes and discounts to help you save money.

Pick a Theme

Not sure where to start planning your staycation? Planning an itinerary under COVID-19 restrictions presents challenges, but it’s far from impossible! A theme provides a great focal point for planning. Do you want to take a culinary tour of the town, explore local history, or get back to nature? With a few adaptations, you can do whatever your heart desires.

  • Get takeout, delivery, or dine outdoors rather than eating in. Instead of splurging on gourmet dining, take a tour of local taco trucks, ice cream shops, or another budget-friendly (but delicious!) food.
  • Explore art museums and visit local art galleries. Galleries are rarely crowded outside of openings, but be sure to wear your mask.
  • Visit local attractions like zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens during slow midweek hours.
  • Plan a DIY walking tour of your city’s historic downtown or visit nearby historic landmarks.
  • Get outdoorsy with hiking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, and other outdoor experiences. National parks are a great place to start your outdoor adventure.

Make Time to Relax

Fun activities give you an experience to remember, but don’t forget to relax on your staycation too! Vacations can be just as stressful as a day at the office when your itinerary leaves no room for downtime.

  • Get mindful with yoga and meditation.
  • Recreate the spa experience at home with bath bombs, facial masks, self-massage, and soothing music.
  • Try to Curl up with a good book in a tranquil setting or go on a walk while listening to an audio book. Reading for pleasure is a rare treat for many adults!
  • Clean and organize your home before your staycation to ensure you’re not stressing about mess and to create the perfect harmonious environment for your staycation if you plan to stay put.
  • Most importantly, disconnect from work. You can’t relax when you’re answering emails and phone calls. Set an away message on your email, turn notifications off, and let yourself sleep in. You’re on vacation!

Travel right now is a question mark for everyone. Instead of pining for a far-in-the-future getaway, plan one that’s more feasible in the interim. A staycation can be just as relaxing, and it won’t hurt your pocketbook!

Traveling FAQ helps you find and plan your next trip. Browse our tips, guides, tools, or search for your destination to find things to do.


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