Get to know Mateo Ferri

Get to know Mateo Ferri

As part of our series of short interviews with leading tour guides

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Why did you become a tour guide?

I just love to show what I love to see.

What do you like the most about being a tour guide?

Sharing experiences.

What is the hardest part about being a tour guide?

just sometimes, to hide pressure in order to make people being relaxed.

Pick a city you love, and name your top five things tourists must do in the city

I choose Valencia

  1. Eat a snack and have some wine in central market
  2. visit the Lonja
  3. Visit the oceanografic aquarium
  4. drink horchata in the morning and agua de Valencia in the evening
  5. Contact a tour guide

In that city, name one dish they must taste and in which restaurant?:

Paella in el Palmar

Why should tourists join a guided tour or hire a private tour guide?

To find the best places and to forget the stress to search.

Could you tell me an interesting or funny story that happen to you with tourists?

They called me once for a day, and we spent all weekend together.

Which destinations are still on your bucket list that you still haven’t traveled to?

Netherlands, castles in France.

If you could recommend one place in the world everyone must see, what would it be?

Paris, no need to explain. And Valencia an unexpected place.

Anything else you wish to share with our travelers’ community?

If you already visited Valencia but you want to visit near places, natural areas, castles, forests, or some hiking in near mountains, just email me.

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