Get to know Cary Gibbs

Get to know Cary Gibbs

As part of our series of short interviews with leading tour guides

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Cary Gibbs - Tour Guide

Why did you become a tour guide?

Love meeting new people worldwide.

What do you like the most about being a tour guide?

Sharing my passion about NYC.

What is the hardest part about being a tour guide?

Dealing with many personalities.

Pick a city you love, and name your top five things tourists must do in the city

I choose NYC

  1. Broadway theatres.
  2. Dining.
  3. Central Park.
  4. 911 memorial.

In that city, name one dish they must taste and in which restaurant?:

John’s pizza, Times Square.

What do you take with you on every tour?

Water, snacks, sound system.

Why should tourists join a guided tour or hire a private tour guide?

My extensive knowledge of NYC.

Could you tell me an interesting or funny story that happen to you with tourists?

Many became repeats and close friends.

Which destinations are still on your bucket list that you still haven’t traveled to?

Ireland, Germany, Japan, and China.

If you could recommend one place in the world everyone must see, what would it be?

Dominican republic. Food, shows, dancing, sports, great ambiance, and amenities.

Anything else you wish to share with our travelers’ community?

Share stories about famous people I have met.
My life here has many tidbits.
2nd generation NYC guy.
Former entertainer.

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