Get to know Ana Maria Galera López

Get to know Ana Maria Galera López

As part of our series of short interviews with leading tour guides

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Ana Maria Galera López - tour guide

Why did you become a tour guide?

Because I studied Tourism and guiding was my passion.

What do you like the most about being a tour guide?

Sharing Time with people and let them know about my country.

What is the hardest part about being a tour guide?

I don’t see any.

Pick a city you love, and name your top five things tourists must do in the city

I choose Elche

  1. Visit the Museum of “La Festa” and enjoy this Unesco World Heritage
  2. visit the “Palmeral”, “Huerto del Cura” and “San Plácido Museum” to learn about this World Heritage.
  3. visit “Calahorra Tower”
  4. Enjoy a Tapas tour
  5. A walk along the Vinalopo River.

In that city, name one dish they must taste and in which restaurant?:

Crusted rice in Mesón el Galliner

What do you take with you on every tour?

My Ipad to show images

Why should tourists join a guided tour or hire a private tour guide?

Because we “tell” what stones and buildings can’t. We are their voices.

Could you tell me an interesting or funny story that happen to you with tourists?

In my tours, I have a lot of “anecdotes”. Guests that sing a song, people that tell you personal information, people that get emotional….more than funny stories I have beautiful moments.

Which destinations are still on your bucket list that you still haven’t traveled to?


If you could recommend one place in the world everyone must see, what would it be?

Albufera sunset.
Nearby Valencia there is a tiny village (El Palmar) where you can eat a delicious and traditional paella, the typical dish in Valencia. After that, you could walk along the rice fields and enjoy a ride on a boat to see one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Anything else you wish to share with our travelers’ community?

I studied Tourism and Anthropology because I love to share my time with people, to learn about cultures and about humans. When I work as a tourist guide I like to tell everything about history, culture, traditions, anecdotes, gastronomy and try to give the most information as I can but always in an interesting and funny way.
I love to transmit information in a way that when visitors are back home they still remember what they have seen and heard, but most of that, what they have felt.

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