Family Vacation Tips for School Breaks This Year

Family Vacation Tips for School Breaks This Year

Many families are gearing up to explore in the upcoming school breaks, which offer an opportunity for vacations. Whether it’s a road trip or jetting overseas, family trips require planning and vision. Money Crashers notes many benefits of family vacations, including bonding through shared experiences in unfamiliar places and getting out of your routine, which fosters more meaningful conversations. To make your family vacation a success, check out these stress-busting tips from Travel FAQ.

Choose a Mutual Trip Goal

Whether you are looking to relax on a beach or you’re looking to explore a new destination, the purpose of your vacation can include many forms. Agree on a trip goal before leaving to ensure everyone stays on the same page. Traveling with aspirations for adventure helps everyone work together and can cut back on arguments that would ruin your experiences.

You may even be able to combine a business trip with family time. As this is technically a business expense, the trip is instantly more affordable. Suppose you’re self-employed or own a business, as long as you can prove the primary motive for the trip is business. In that case, you can take a deduction for the cost of a single hotel room plus the full cost of your transportation to and from the business site within the U.S.

Find Stops Along Your Route

Traveling with your little ones can be challenging if you don’t engage in proper planning. Planned stops will make your work easier as it allows kids to burn off the built-up energy. Research to find playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas along your drive. Also, pack lunch and find spots for a picnic. Kids enjoy getting out to stretch their legs, which also allows you to take your family off the beaten path to interact with the locals and have fun. If finding the best places for a break is challenging, you can use online resources like Playground Buddy to find playgrounds.

The Vacation Home Option

People purchase a vacation home for a number of reasons. Not only do you become familiar with the surrounding area and its attractions, but you can also cook meals at home instead of spending a fortune eating out. There’s also no need to map out the trip, as you know exactly where you’re headed. The kids will have their own yard or lakefront for playtime, too. What’s more, for the time when you’re not at the vacation home, you can rent it out, which helps offset the second mortgage payments. 

Pre-Book Everything You Can

Besides booking your flights, you should also pre-book anything you can to have fewer things to worry about. When you arrive at a destination, you want to head straight to the amenities you had pre-booked. Some of the items you can pre-book include public and private transportation, private guides, sightseeing tours, and tickets for theme parks, museums, and other attractions. Book as many of these as possible to create more time to enjoy your destination when you arrive.


In the end, it all comes down to planning. For instance, we all know that a big trip to Disney World will give you lots of great times and memories. Still, you can save money using a site like Mouse Life Today or Traveling Coupons to plan your budget and itinerary. 

Plan At-Home Activities

If you cannot travel during the school break but still want to enjoy your vacation, you can embrace some cool home activities. Some ideas you can consider include gardening, singing, and reading, which can bring out excellent skills in your children. If you have a pet, you can assign your children the responsibility of grooming the animal. Observe their duties for several days and provide feedback on their performance. Gardening is an activity that many people enjoy, so spend some time each morning and evening gardening as a family, and this will strengthen the bond with your children.

And even if you’re lounging at home, it’s worth investing in clothes that make you feel your best – especially if you’re a hardworking mom! An example would be this elegant but comfortable dress, the goal being for you to feel your best wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Securing Your Home

Before traveling for your family vacation, consider your home’s security. Inspect all features, including the fence around your home. If you don’t have a strong fence, you can search online for a reputable fence company near you that will help you execute the project. It’s easy to hire a good contractor if you read reviews about different companies. Also, confirm the company is licensed and registered to provide services in your area. Once you find the right contractor, consider visiting them to discuss your needs and get a quote for their services. Often, it will cost around $3,000 to install a fence, according to Bob Vila, but this depends on the size of the fence, the materials used, and where you’re installing it.  

New experiences open children’s minds, so use the upcoming school break to explore new creative ideas. Everything you do on your vacation, from architecture to food, landscape, and transportation, will offer an exciting opportunity for your children to learn. 

Travel FAQ is a traveling blog and my way to contribute to travelers worldwide. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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How can I make my family vacation special?

Plan ahead, make sure you have fun activities for the kids, prepare road games and leave free time to rest and play. Check our blog for more family vacation tips, road game ideas, and more.

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