Family Trip Packing List

a bag with headphones, hat, camera

Traveling with a family requires preparation and pre-thinking about everything you pack. There are more items required, yet you want to try and keep it as light as possible. This list will help you ensure you won’t forget anything. Key points to consider when packing are your trip length, the location, trip type, who’s traveling, and the weather at your destination.

Remember that this is an extensive list, so make sure you actually need what you pack and add things you find missing to your specific needs.

Decide what you need close to you, and take it in your backpack or carry-on. Read our guide on “Checking a bag vs. carrying on. What should I do?” for more details. If you’re going on a special trip, such as nature, sky, cruise, and other types, you might need dedicated equipment. Check out our other packing lists for more dedicated options.

Remember that some things should be kept close to you at all times. It’s essential to keep a copy of the important document such as passport, visa, and driver’s license on your carry-on/backpack and not check it in. Same for your wallet, keys, expensive electronics, cash, and itinerary. I also like to keep a copy with a friend or family and send a copy to my email, just in case. If you have things that can make your flight more convenient, such as books, music, a flight pillow, etc., remember to pack them on your carry-on as well. In case your check-in gets lost, especially on short trips, it always helps to keep a pair of extra clothing in your carry-on so you’ll have clean clothes for when you arrive.

If you’re looking for more info on the best traveling gear, check out our travel gear guides and reviews section. You’ll find a lot of great equipment that will make your next adventure even better.

If you think we should add an item to this list, please contact us with the most relevant details.

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