50+ Tips for Business Trips

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Some love business trips, and others describe it as the worst part of their job. The company policies, tight packing, tight schedule, busy airports, kids are crying on your flight, and so on.

On the other hand, if you plan your trip the right way, you might even find time to relax from your daily routines, see new places, and meet new people.

Based on my own experience, and thanks to the help of some very experienced business travelers, I’ve collected a list of the best tips for your next business trip. The tips are divided into X main sections: Planning, Packing, At the Airport, On the flight, Car and Hotel, Health and General tips.

Have money in small bills

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It is wise to have smaller bills of foreign currency as this is a safer approach, and they become useful for purposes like service tips.

Check currency exchange rates. Sometimes it’s cheaper to take out cash from an ATM at your destination.

Pro Tip

To avoid an unnecasary situation, we recommend bringing at least some local currency bills with you from home.

Have small items that make you comfortable

You may have a favorite pen or a particular brand of pens. Just carry a couple of those pens so you will feel more comfortable. You will have a light stressful feeling as a result of traveling a long distance. However, the small things you are familiar with can fix your mood and regain control over your work.

Pro Tip

It could be your favorite gadget, clothing item, pictures of your family, your music...

Hotels hate empty rooms

hotel rooms

If you can, wait until the last minute to book your hotel room and enjoy better rates.

Pro Tip

If it's high season, if your traveling with kids, if it's a very touristic place, think carefully before taking a risk of booking at the last minute.

Keep An Extra Battery In Addition To The Charger

power bank and electric adaptor

It is always better to have a charger and an external battery with you when traveling. Your mobile device’s battery will drain faster when you are on a long trip as you are tempted to take more pictures, listen to songs, play games, make notes, check emails and perform many other tasks. So, you are supposed to have your charger and an external battery to avoid battery drains.

Even with the extra charger and battery, remember to charge your electronics before you fly. Your phone, laptop, and tablet should all have plenty of battery to help you pass the time productively in the airport and on your flight. You won’t need to fight for an outlet at your gate or risk using a USB at the airport, which can be a cybersecurity risk.

Pro Tip

For great batteries and charges see our Traveling Technologies page.

Minimize Transportation Security Administration time

people walking at the airport with a sunset in the background

You should take all the measures to minimize Transportation Security Administration time.

Those who work under the TSA department of the airports indeed do a very tough job. On the other hand, waiting in line for long is equally challenging for you. Therefore, use your common sense and take all the measures to reduce the time you will spend under TSA’s observation. Some of those measures are:

  • Wearing comfortable shoes which you can remove easily.
  • Avoiding large lotion containers and flammable perfumes.
  • Avoiding huge water bottles, etc.

Pro Tip

It is always better to limit your fashion accessories to a minimum. Avoid belts as well. Doing all of these will reduce your time at TSA significantly.

No need to pack everything you have

Business woman legs with luggage and a small bag

You might think of carrying some extra accessories and clothing when you are on a business trip. However, it is not the smartest approach. You should always try to avoid “EXTRA” items that are not essential.

For instance, carrying several pairs of shoes, heavy handbags, etc., is not necessary. Instead, you should pick an outfit that can work during the day as well as the night.

Pro Tip

Leave your expensive jewelry items behind as it puts extra pressure on your mind. The key is to travel with a minimal number of items.

One way fares – Do the math with

One way sign

You can indeed book round-trip tickets very easily. However, when it comes to the price factor, they are not that affordable. So, why don’t you purchase two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip ticket? This is particularly true when it comes to traveling during busy holiday times.

Pro Tip

It is always better to book a late flight, so you have at least a couple of free hours to enjoy the city you visit.

Overcome the jet lag while adapting to the new environment

tired man working on a laptop

You can use the local meal time so you will be able to overcome jet lag during that time. If there is a possibility, it is better to have your meals according to the local time before reaching the destination. This approach is specifically handy when traveling a long way and doing your work in a couple of days.

Pro Tip

There are many other tips for overcoming jet lag. Click here to read more.

Pack your clothing wisely

Brown shoes, some gray shirts and a watch in a dressing room.

When it comes to packing your clothing, you should do it smartly. It is always handy to take a sweater as a layering because airplanes are usually cold. Also, you cannot tell the exact weather conditions in the country you visit. In addition to that, you should invest in a good blazer for your business trip. With a blazer, you can turn pretty much any outfit into a great outfit.

You may consider black flats if you have to walk around. They are not that heavy to pack.

Have some extra undergarments because you cannot be 100% sure about the possibility of doing laundry during your stay.

You can also pack one bathing suit because you can use it in the hotel pool during your stay. After all, having a good swim will make you feel much better and bring back the energy.

Pro Tip

Remember to check the weather in your target destination a day before the flight to have the most accurate data.

Perform your daily routines

You can bring a single item or a tool that is used by you every morning on a regular basis. It can be your favorite lotion or the electric shaver, for instance. It will make you feel no difference even if you are thousands of miles away from your home. You will gain more confidence as you get familiar with the surrounding.

Pro Tip

You should have some dry shampoo ready in case if your hotel shower doesn’t work.

Pick The Right Flight For You

many toy airplanes from different airlines

The cheapest or most expensive flights aren’t always the best flights. The cheapest one will probably offer a bad arrival time, or it won’t take you straight from A to B. It’s important to know what’s essential for you and your trip schedule.

Pro Tip

Make sure you take direct flight when possible. Indirect will cause long overall trip time, more chance to lose staff, and canceled flights.

Pick your frequent flyer or airline points program

a businessman holding a blank business card

Pick a program that works well for your individual needs and your company’s. If you’re a frequent business traveler, those miles can add up quickly, and you can exchange them for some great rewards, including seat upgrades, hotel stays, or even entire flights. Note that more and more loyalty programs are teaming up with credit card companies to produce co-branded cards or simply letting you exchange your credit card points for frequent flier points. This means your shopping can even go toward your next flight.

Prefer light and neutral colors

neutral colors palette

When you choose outfits, it is always a better idea to focus on light colors and neutrals. You can always mix and match those colors. However, it would help if you avoided white because it will be stained easily.

Read a book

It is not that good to stare at your mobile phone whenever you have free time. Instead, try to read a book and give yourself relief. If you spend the majority of your free time on social media, things can be so boring, and you will realize that after returning.

Pro Tip

I personally love audiobooks. Yes, we recommended not to stare at your phone screen, with audiobooks you don't stare.

Stay connected with your family

a woman in gray coat having a video call

It is completely ok to take a couple of minutes to speak to a friend, family members, or relative. That will help you become normal and regulate your blood pressure. Also, it will increase your confidence and efficiency. This is particularly handy when you feel stressed out or lonely.

Pro Tip

With today's technology, a good internet connection is available almost everywhere. Go for video calls. It's much more personal and fun.


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Last update: May 2022

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