15 Best Barefoot Walking Parks in Europe

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Europe is home to some of the world’s most amazing barefoot parks and trails. These parks offer a perfect way to reconnect with nature and feel the earth under your feet, from wildflower-covered meadows to rushing mountain streams.

Barefoot walking, sometimes called earthing, is a growing trend, and for a good reason. Walking without shoes feels good, and it’s great for your feet! Not to mention, it’s a fun way to explore new places while traveling. The kids will love this, and you’ll fill your inner child again.

In this article, we’ll share our list of the best barefoot walking trails in Europe. Whether you’re visiting Germany, France, Italy, or another European country, these parks and trails will surely provide an enjoyable barefoot walking experience.

What is Barefoot Walking park?

Barefoot parks (sometimes called barefoot trails and barefoot walks) are parks designed for barefoot walking and playing. They provide people with the opportunity to feel the ground and other various materials with their bare feet. This could be natural materials like grass, mud, and rocks, and it could be materials like glass and nails. Don’t worry, it’s safe and won’t harm your feet. These trails provide a unique experience and are said to help strengthen foot and leg muscles. Most barefoot parks are located in Europe, with the highest number in Germany and Austria.

Why Go Barefoot?

Walking barefoot is a great way to experience things that most of us aren’t used to feeling. Walking engages us in light athletic activity increases circulation, and helps strengthen foot and leg muscles. Walking barefoot directly with the earth’s surface decreases stress and improves overall wellness. On top of that, you’ll fill tremendous and feel like a child again. Even kids that in the beginning don’t want to step on mud or other materials, after a short time, emerge into the experience and run all over trying the different activities and materials.

What Can You Expect To Find At A Barefoot Park?

Barefoot parks provide the perfect playground for safe, healthy barefoot walking. Along the route, you’ll find fantastic nature, an area to walk on different materials, and various attractions like playgrounds, obstacle courses, water pumping games, and other activities depending on the park. Most parks will also provide lockers to keep your belongings and a foot washing station for the end of the trails.

What Can You Expect To Find At A Barefoot Park?
15 Best Barefoot Walking Parks in Europe 10

Barefoot Park Do’s and Don’ts

Barefoot Park Do’s

  • Wear shorts or pants that you can roll up over the knees (to pass mud and sections with water
  • Wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Bring along a small towel to wipe and dry your feet at the washing station
  • Bring a swimsuit or change of clothes for the kids
  • Bring your inner child and have an adventure

Barefoot Park Don’ts

  • Do not wear jewelry or other precious items that may be easily lost
  • Do not wear expensive shoes you don’t want to get dirty. Your feet may still be a bit dirty even after washing

Best Barefoot Walking Parks in Europe

If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly adventure, check out these top European barefoot walking trails:


  • Langs wirtshaus – 1.2 miles (2 km) barefoot trail containing 22 stations with different soil conditions.
    • Location – City: St. Ulrich | Region: Mühlviertel
  • Hexenwasser (“Witches’ Water”) – A veritable barefooting theme park in an amazing mountain landscape situated at the middle station of the cable car. It contains spacious water playgrounds, a 1.2 miles (2 km) barefoot trail, sightseeing, and a restaurant.


  • Klovtoft Barefoot Park – A forest spa in which visitors can go barefoot on lawns and various materials and surfaces, as well as water wading and balancing.
    • Location – City: Rødekro | Region: Jutland


  • Sentier pieds nus du Lac Blanc – A 0.75 miles (1.2 km) barefoot trail at the heart of the Vosges forest with different materials and stations for a natural experience, balancing, and educational activity about the mountain environment.
    • Location – City: Orbey | Region: Alsace
  • Le parcours “Réveille tes pieds!” (Wake up your feet! Park) – A 0.6 miles (1 km) barefoot walk with 45 different textures and materials in a beautiful garden area.
    • Location – City: Bréal-sous- Montfort | Region: Bretagne


  • Park mit allen Sinnen (Park with all senses) – A 1.3 mile (2.1 km) barefoot trail with a variety of materials as well as imaginative and visually appealing stations for perception with eyes, ears, nose, and hands. You will also find fragrance, hearing, color, and feeling pavilions, meditation caves, and resting places.
  • Barfußpark Dornstetten-Hallwangen – A 1.5 mile (2.4 km) circular barefoot walk route through forest and meadow, water wading, spacious water playground.
    • Location – City: Dornstetten | Region: Baden- Württemberg
  • Panorama-Barfußwanderweg – A 0.75 mile (1.2 km) in a beautiful landscape. You’ll find stations for feeling materials, balancing, water wading, a playground, and a restaurant along the trail.
  • Barfuß-Wonnen-Weg – A 1.2 mile (1.9 km) barefoot hike in the Franconian Lake District, in the forest between Enderndorf and Stockheim, southwest of Spalt.
  • Bad Orb barefoot path – Germany’s longest barefoot path. It starts at the spa park’s rear (southeast) exit (which is also good for walking barefoot) and leads as a 2.8 miles (4.5 km) long circular route through the Orbtal.
  • Lüneburger Heide – A 1.7 miles (2.7 km) barefoot path inside a 14-hectare nature adventure park, offering 60 stations for feeling materials, including mud and water, for various sensory experiences and balancing.
  • Barefoot path Bad Sobernheim – This 2.2 mile (3.5 km) barefoot trail along the Nahe river offers several sections with varying materials, including a long basin of loam. In addition, there are activities for various balancing exercises and several adventurous ways to cross the river: through a ford, with a ferry boat, or over a long suspension bridge that may not be entered with shoes.


  • Mezítlábas park – Situated 45 km west of Budapest, this barefoot park offers 21 sections with different materials, including balancing poles, mud, and water.
    • Location – City: Tabajd | Region: Fejér


  • BloteVoetenHut (Barefoot Hut) – Large barefoot park offering trails with different terrains and experiences, including exciting obstacle courses, balance beams, maze, shelters, and more.


  • Barfußweg von Gonten nach Appenzell – A 3.1 miles (5 km) long barefoot hiking trail, without major climbs or descents over meadows and pastures, mostly on very pleasant grassy ground, occasionally also over short sections with asphalt or gravel..
    • Location – City: Gonten | Region: Appenzell

Ready To Go?

Time to pick your next destination using our Trip Planner or check out our ready-to-go itineraries. Integrating a walking trail, especially when going as a family, would provide an amazing experience you’ll remember for many years.

Still need help planning or finetuning your trip, click here to find local guides that would be happy to assist you.

What is a barefoot trail?

Barefoot trails (also called barefoot parks or barefoot walks) are parks designed for barefoot walking and playing. They provide people with the opportunity to feel the ground and other various materials with their bare feet.



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